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Do You Have Noisy Pipes?

Yesterday my neighbor came to us complaining… he said that, for a while now, he has been hearing  some strange noises throughout the day somewhere at the first floor. We were wondering where this noise can come from…?! I know that pipes in some cases may be “noisy”. You can hear all kinds of noises […]

Construction Insurance & Bond

We need insurance for a variety of reasons but in many cases insurance is required by law, e.g., construction insurance, which is required on every single construction project. Construction insurance is covers materials, risks, natural disasters, employees and even your own business. However, there are policies that, though not mandatory, do give you necessary protection in […]

Things to Consider When Building a House

Just because the market is flooded with foreclosures and such doesn’t mean the house you want is out there. Building a home to suit your needs and wants could be the best way to go. When you start building a house there are some basic factors to guide your choices: cost efficiency, time efficiency and […]

How to use the % completion in P6

The difference between the following percent complete types in Primavera 6 1) duration % complete 2) schedule % complete 3) performance % complete 4) activity % complete 5) Physical % complete The easiest way to understand the differences between the various percent complete types in Primavera is to go to the menu then check them. Then […]

Trench Shield Installation

I’ve seen on Linkedin another question that attracts me to another subject…trench shields. And I was asking myself, do the contractors know which alternative to use? Which one is more productive? Sloping, shoring or trench boxes? Because sloping requires no trench boxes or other shoring equipment, contractors often assume it is the least expensive method. […]

What Is Included in a Contingency Plan?

A contingency plan should identify the actions taken by staff in the project or program, if an unexpected event is adversely affecting the project. This plan may be a response to a natural disaster, a terrorist act, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. Overall, this plan is a guide to business continuity, projects or activities when they […]

Role of Estimating in the Construction Industry

I thought that is going to be interesting to post and answer at one question taken from one of the groups on LinkedIn that sounded exactly like that: “What is the difference between budgeted (cost or manhour) and estimation, and on what bases does budgeted (cost or manhour) is calculated against the estimation once the project is awarded.” “Estimates serve […]

Estimating Guide

Estimating Guide By RS MEANS Estimating Handbook   Types of Estimates Several different levels of estimates are used to project construction costs. Each has a different purpose. The various types may be referred to by different names and some may not be recognized by all as necessary or definitive, though most estimators will agree to […]

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