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Yesterday night I was watching the UEFA Europa League 2012 at TV, Athletic Bilbao Vs.  Atletico Madrid. The result was 0-3. Congrats for Atletico Madrid for this victory! But I don’t want to write about soccer 🙂

 I was so curios to see the new stadium…My construction background didn’t let me pass the opportunity to write something about this construction. I left Romania more than 6 years ago when the project was just a dream. Now is done and I have to admit it is very nice.  Work on the new National Stadium began in 2007, and it was completed in 2011. The stadium was built with €234 million and was raised by the contractor JV Max Bögl – Astaldi.

Total surface: 108.000 m2
Capacity: 55.000 seats
VIP boxes: 40
Business seats: 3.500
Places for wheelchair users: 135
Places for press: 50
Length of the stadium: 240 m
Width of the stadium: 200 m
Height of the stadium: 50 m

Facilities: 6 levels, conference rooms, parking, medical rooms, restaurants, terraces, VIP rooms, retractable roof worth €20,000,000 which can be opened or closed in 15 minutes.


What about the construction? What technologies and materials they used? What kind of formwork equipment the contractors used to raise this big stadium? This is what I found out…

 Referring to the technologies and innovative materials, Eugen Tudose, the project manager said they have been instrumental in the smooth running of works. “These products are reliable and save time on installation. We have new types of formwork equipment used for the vertical and horizontal elements, Meva provided them. In fact, it was an absolute record in Romania. Also I imported metal panels Mammut 350/250 and Space system support and safety of formwork, both helping to execute the 120 pillars supporting the bleachers and CaroFalt that is a foldable and movable column formwork with access platform, integrated ladders and safety for beams and pillars with heights of up to 6 meters is other special and unusual technologies used on site”. They used MEVA Systems at:

– Shoring tower SPACE

– Wall formwork StarTec

– Column formwork CaroFalt

– Slab formwork MevaFlex

– Shoring system MEP


Who is MEVA?

MEVA is widely recognised and acclaimed as a leading international provider of creative formwork solutions. Family-owned and managed, the company was founded in 1970 and today serves contractors all over the world from around 40 locations. MEVA is a leader in quality and technology, engineering and services. Concrete works of any type, size and challenge are served with MEVA expertise.

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