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Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning!

Mistakes are a good source of learning and a good thing would be to learn from the mistakes of others . Here are some of the “mistakes of others” that can affect the success of the project, the time and not at last, your mood:

  • If you do not know the client’s business
  • If you do not document your assumptions;
  • If you do not include the team in project management activities: creating WBS, estimates, etc. Identification of risks;
  • If you create a precedent in terms of changes unmanaged and undocumented;
  • If you do not keep contact with the client even if not specified in the contract;
  • If you do not escalate the problems because of  fear of repercussions;
  • If you do not keep meeting minutes;
  • If you believe that PMBOK Guide is just a methodology;
  • If you believe that Excel is a great tool for scheduling;
  • If you believe that team members are self-motivated and the team works responsibly, as they follow specific procedures or activities that focus on quality.


  •  If you believe that your work will be appreciated if the project ends successfully 🙂

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