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What Is Included in a Contingency Plan?

Contingency PlanA contingency plan should identify the actions taken by staff in the project or program, if an unexpected event is adversely affecting the project. This plan may be a response to a natural disaster, a terrorist act, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. Overall, this plan is a guide to business continuity, projects or activities when they are threatened.

A Contingency Plan emphasizes the continuity of the project plans. It is developed from the results of risk analysis. All risks are identified, evaluated and put into categories according to priority.

The Project Manager is the one who will do it. The plan must include a mitigation strategy for each identified risk. The most serious risks are those which may affect the project within a few hours. The plan should list the items that are most likely to fail, and the resources and actions necessary to remedy the situation. Also, the intervention plan should contain a list of rules necessary to restore service in time to return to normal.

A Contingency Plan is not a one-time commitment and is not a project with an established start and end date. Furthermore, the project team that deals with testing the project should be involved in the development plan and prepare:

  • A notification of the cause, process and strategy;
  • Remedial ways for applications and documents;
  • A list of designated roles for each member in case of disaster; Each member should know that flexibility is critical.
  • A list with┬áthe ways to have contact with core team members, employees and external information sources.
  • A list of equipment to support the solution.
  • A plan for maintenance activities

In some projects, such as those in which there is a contract with a local authority, you can go up to the present annual evidence of skills such a plan. For example, some authorities require that the plan be updated every year and prove that in a disaster situation, the situation can be remedied within 24 hours.

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