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What Does a Project Management Course Offer?

Project managementDifficult times are still here. Organizations are struggling to survive in these times of crisis and often see no way out. Survive in the market often times means changing the organizational strategy. This is when the help of Project Management comes into play. It is as a way of introducing necessary changes in organization, changes that require clear and precise objectives, with urgent deadlines, inflexible implementation, and  increasingly ambitious and challenging quality requirements.

Project management consultants have the answers, they can provide advice and guidance on how to improve things extending to detailed delivery assurance reviews. They can even run projects on your behalf using best-practice approaches for change control, governance, stakeholder management and communications. But is it not better for an organization to hire a professional project manager? Or, even better, to implement a project management methodology in the organization and also to establish a coherent program of training for employees, to form habits, skills and competencies necessary for proper execution of management processes project so the chances of success in projects carried out to increase significantly?

First of all we have to know what a Project Manager has to do… The Project Manager is in charge of project development, estimating resources, financing, the management with responsibility for all human and material resources involved. He responds equally to stay within budget, the analysis in each stage of the project realization, with the occurring or potential risk of the project where he has to find solutions to minimize their impact on the smooth running of the project, cost monitoring, evaluation and reporting, in charge of coordination and team motivation. A Project Management course is aimed at developing the ability of planning, managing, organizing, monitoring and controling resources allocated for the project. It also develops skills for using the newest software programs for project management. Benefits at the end of the course will be reflected in the ability to work in the management of major projects in the country and even abroad…

The question is what are the benefits for a company’s employees taking the course?

• learn to correctly identify project needs for all interested groups;
• learn to identify and plan all kinds of project resources;
• know exactly what and how to ensure compliance with contractual provisions necessary for the execution of the project;
• know how to identify project risks and take appropriate preventive measures;
• learn specific ways to optimize motivation and team project work;
• know how to use specialized software program for project management.

At the last is a matter of choice either to hire an experienced PM or to train your own people…
Mihaela Tomulescu, LEED AP, CAM
Consultant for MT Projects Controls Corp


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